Integrated Leadership Transitions (ILT)

We also provide a more strategic consultancy process which explores the wider range of transitions through an exploration of the key organisational successions arising or likely to arise in the short to medium term. We refer to this as Integrated Leadership Transitions (ILT).

In our conclusions to the book we emphasise;

“ Our current approach to leadership transition isn’t broken. But it’s also not optimal. We believe we can do it so much better. Given the significance of the role of HoU, the authority we vest in those who lead at the top, the impact they can have for good or ill on their communities and the risks associated with getting it wrong we need a new integrated approach to leadership succession and support that can enhance the likelihood of successful leadership transitions. ”

ILT involves taking a more strategic, more coordinated, more team based, more future focused and more relationship oriented approach to critical appointments. This process further reduces the risks associated with appointments by enabling increased levels of preparation for, and a clearer perspective on, the key roles of the present and for the future.

Other strategic level support may also arise such as the need for some analysis of the suitability of the current strategy, organisational structure and form of the senior team prior to or early on in the new leaders tenure.