Reducing risk and optimising performance

Our work with individual leaders complements the process of successful recruitment practices or search and selection.

Our role is to accelerate performance in role and minimise the risks of a poorly coordinated transition In summary, we are about reducing risk and optimise performance. Not through a single intervention but by ‘nudging the odds’ in favour of success by a range of activities.

We work with you to co-create, facilitate and guide all, or some, of the additional components of the process. Our desire is to ensure you remain fully in control of the entire process.

Throughout we bring an objective, independent perspective to complement your detailed knowledge of your context and culture.

Our work with individual leaders is outlined below.

Incoming Leader

Building on the final stages of appointing a new leader we provide a package of transition coaching support. Typically, this would involve a minimum of 3 sessions in the post appointment-pre-arrival phase with a further series of 3 sessions over the first three months in office. The sessions are tailored to reflect the distinctive needs of each individual with some pre-work before each session focussing on those needs which are agreed as being of most importance.

We also offer the option of joining a virtual transition leadership action learning group. Through this process we create a confidential, peer coaching network for others in a similar stage in their leadership transition journey.

Incoming and outgoing leaders and teams

In this option we extend the coaching to include some engagement with the outgoing leader and/or with the team with whom the new leader will be working. This typically involves some preparatory work by the team members to help ensure the new leader “lands well”.