Offered internally and tailored to your context
Reducing risk and optimising performance

Every year across all universities a range of individuals are promoted into new roles. Some are merely extensions to an existing area of expertise, for others the new role might demand new capabilities or the application of a broader range of skills. What they share in common is a process of psychological transition. They also share in common with external appointments and transitions the need to reduce risk and optimise performance. 

To assist we are now offering a tailored, development programme to supplement your internal leadership development portfolio. Through three remote 2.5hr workshops and three virtual action learning group sessions we’ll explore the core principles, psychology, planning, priorities and apply a range of practical tools and processes which will together accelerate the process of transitioning and further enhance personal and team performance. 

Timing of these can vary to suit the process associated with your promotion round. Whether it is offered as an option or strongly encouraged as part of the promotion is, of course, your choice. Making it compulsory is an option, albeit we’d wish to explore the pros and cons of this with you.