Our book is an informed insider’s guide to leadership transitions in universities. It will assist talented individuals in considering whether to apply for, how to prepare for, and how to take on the particular task of leading a university. Combining expert knowledge, experience and reflections from senior leaders the book distils the collective leadership wisdom from many sources. The book also explores the realities of leadership of universities rather than the imagined and often unrealistic expectations and perceptions of how leaders should act. The book is also relevant to leaders transitioning in other senior roles.

Centred on the practice and experience of leadership, this book is a must-read for all new and existing senior leaders and particularly those who are Heads of Universities. It will also provide useful insights to those actively involved in the recruitment and development of senior leaders, members of senior leadership teams, as well as those who hold governance roles in universities.

The collection of leadership experiences provided will help universities to be more successful, students to have great educational experiences and staff at all levels to have more fulfilling working environments. It will also consider how to avoid the emotional pain and suffering that can arise when leaders find themselves poorly equipped, unprepared, unable, or unwilling to provide the sound and competent leadership that universities deserve.