Are you about to take on a new senior leadership role or about to start the process of appointing a new senior leader in your university? 

Senior roles range from those as Head of University (President/Vice-chancellor/Principal) to that as a Deputy Vice-chancellor (DVC) or equivalent, Chief Operating Officer (COO) or equivalent, Pro-Vice-chancellor (PVC) or or equivalent or as Dean of a Faculty or School or Director of a professional service portfolio.

If so you will already be aware that this is a time of both opportunity and risk. The more senior the leadership role the higher both become.

Our intention is to help you accelerate the achievement of the former and reduce significantly the latter.  We do so through a structured process we call Integrated Leadership Transitions (ILT).

By following the practical wisdom of the many leaders we have worked with, or who shared their insights with us on the journey leading to our book we will ‘nudge the odds’ significantly in favour of success. In so doing we will also reduce any reduction in performance, the likelihood of personal derailment, any loss of effective teamworking as well any potential collateral damage to staff, students and reputations which can arise if the process of transition is not given appropriate attention.